Welcome to the Neuschwander Family Home Page

News!! - Check out Courtney's new website: Knit to Know.

A friend of mine just started her own personal training business here in Missoula: ShapeShifters Personal Training.

This is the undeveloped home page of the Neuschwander Family. The purpose of this domain is to provide permanent neuschwander.org email addresses to us Neuschwanders. If you would like more information, please email me.

This site and the associated email addresses are maintained by me, Andrew A. Neuschwander. I graduated from The University of Montana in the spring of 2000. But I have yet to leave Missoula. I work as a Linux/UNIX computer programmer and systems administrator specializing in cluster based computing for multi-terrabyte scale science. I currently work for the Numerical Terradynamic Simulation Group at The University of Montana.

Feel free to email me any suggestions, contributions, or requests. I would be happy to receive them.

Andrew A. Neuschwander
E-Mail: andrew at neuschwander dot org
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